Leslie's Laundry Care with Domonique Boone

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

For the inaugural episode of Beyond Normal Podcast, Kenny sat down with Domonique Boone, the owner and founder of Leslie’s Laundry Care, a premier laundry & dry cleaning service in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Domonique was considering starting a business, but she wasn’t sure of her passion or purpose. She knew this was an important step before she became an entrepreneur. With no one to help her mother after her washing machine broke down, Domonique stepped in. As she was helping out with washing and folding towels, she saw the need for the service.

She began her market research and searched for anyone in her area or her mother’s area that might offer this service. Finding no one available, Domonique stepped in and filled the need herself. Within six months, Leslie’s Laundry Care took off and her business grew and grew.

Domonique became a full time entrepreneur and has been in business for three years. This journey has been a lot of hard work, and she realizes that most people don’t understand, and she’s ok with that. It’s not for them to understand; she set her goals and went for them.

Leslie’s Laundry Care is a mobile laundry and dry cleaning service that also offers alterations. As she continues to grow, Domonique wants to make the business commercial only, but she is still serving residential customers.

Like most businesses hit by the pandemic, Domonique had to find a way to pivot her business in order to continue growing and stay afloat. She transitioned from on-demand services to a subscription model in order to succeed. Residential customers are able to sign up for the subscription as a way to try the service before committing.

For Domonique, building and growing Leslie’s Laundry Care is about leaving a legacy for her daughter. In the Black community, we don’t do that and leave a legacy for future generations to come. Leaving Leslie’s Laundry Care to her daughter, Leslie, is important to her whether she decides to go into the laundry business or not. Leslie is not a silent investor in the business.

She actively shows up in the videos and promotional products, especially the laundry hacks. This is a new addition to the business, but an instant favorite for a lot of their customers. Even if you are doing laundry at home, you can use the tips and hacks with household items to remove stains or other things. Leslie loves it and Domonique loves having her there. Having Leslie’s name on the business pushes Domonique to go harder.

Growing Leslie’s Laundry Care is the next thing for Domonique. Expanding her business with additional drivers and laundry attendants will help her in securing more contracts with local universities like UNCC, which just gave her a two year contract. She wants to reach restaurants, fitness centers, Air BnB’s, and whoever in the area might need help commercially with laundry services.

Domonique started Leslie’s Laundry Care with less than $1,000, and now three years later, she has upgraded that and then some. She is working on growing with new technology and software that will generate reports for her so she doesn’t have to do it manually. This will allow her to better gauge residential and commercial pickups as she expands into South Carolina and other areas.

“Don’t worry about the people who don’t support you. There will always be people who don’t know you that will support you. Brand yourself in a way that people want to use your services or product. Then remain humble and pray over your business every day.”

You can find more information on Domonique and Leslie’s Laundry Care on their website or social media channels. She is on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube @Leslie’s Laundry Care. You can also connect with Domonique on Linked In.

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