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Updated: Jan 25, 2021


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[Charlotte, NC]: Beyond Normal Podcast today announced a new partnership with VelourIt. This partnership will provide sponsorship opportunity to the podcast with highlighting collaborations from a curated list of entrepreneurs.

“VelourIt is an example of how to create a company that drives value with a purpose. It’s going to be exciting to highlight business with an incredible purpose in partnership with VelourIt ” says Kenny Groom, Host at Beyond Normal Podcast. In addition he states “Brooke is embedded in many entrepreneur groups that represent or serve causes that speak to equitable representation for the underrepresented. This partnership will allow us to connect with all stakeholders in the ecosystem that impacts minority entrepreneurs.”

“I will be forever grateful to you Kenneth for giving us the opportunity to highlight people who are making a difference in the world. We don’t always give our heroes their roses while they’re here and that’s what I feel like we’re doing with the Beyond Normal Podcast,” said Brooke Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer of VelourIt.

Using highly visible platforms like YouTube and Facebook Live means we’re reaching investors and limited partners around the world effortlessly. Brooke said, “2020 forever changed the way investors interact, engage with, and learn about startups while working from home, remotely, and over Zoom. We’re moving away from the physical Silicon Valley to a more conceptualized version where we reference “Silicon Valley” to mean the ecosystem of technology. Moving forward, I think we’ll say “Silicon Valley” to mean the industry of technology startups regardless if it’s in Austin, New York, San Francisco, or on the other side of the globe.”

The benefits of this new partnership include.

  1. Highlighting and featuring a curated list of entrepreneurs doing incredible work

  2. Engage community stakeholders in the entrepreneur ecosystem

  3. Change the narrative on minority founders

  4. Build awareness of global distribution for underserved manufacturers with VelourIt

Our first entrepreneur we will highlight will be Sydney Davis, who is the founder of Tequity, which is making it easy for all entrepreneur to have a mobile app to service their customers.

About Beyond Normal Podcast: Highlighting businesses that are the minority owned and operated that leverage all the tools now to service their customers. We have conversations with entrepreneurs and individuals who are stakeholders within the ecosystem.

About VelourIt: Velourit is the global supply chain management system built for the small minority business owners. The automated supply chain platform of BIPOC products for commercial resale in Latin America. VelourIt uses digital software and blockchain technology to export American products to luxury retail and hospitality accommodations throughout Latin America. Consumers in Latin America love American products from the states and online retail sales in Latin America increased by 200% during the quarantine. The Department of Commerce reports exporting supports more than 10.7 million well-paying jobs, which means an automated supply chain platform is the best tool to simplify the export process. Join us for a deep dive into how brands can work with Velourit, a global supply chain management system for minority businesses. Brooke Sinclair, CEO of Velourit will lead this conversation. How To: Work With an International Exporter ✈️ Wednesday, February 3⋅10:30 – 11:30am. RSVP AT

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